Colin Bailey
PhD student, Moore Lab

Steelhead life history variation

Jenny Bigman
PhD Candidate, Dulvy Lab

Metabolism and physiology of elasmobranchs

Jess Cheok
postdoc, dulvy lab

Chondrichthyan Red listing and conservation

Griffin Dare
MSc student, Palen Lab

Alpine amphibian conservation and vertebrate ectotherm physiology

Allison Dennert
PhD student, Reynolds Lab

Salmon nutrient effects on plants

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Danielle Derrick
MSc student, Dulvy Lab

Geospatial analysis of elasmobranch biodiversity

Jillian Dunic
Ph.D. student, Côté’ lab

Multiple stressor effects on eelgrass

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Jess Edwards
MSc student, Reynolds/Côté’ lab

Gooseneck barnacle fisheries management

Christopher Ernst
Postdoc, Reynolds Lab

Coastal insects

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Sarah Gutzmann
Research Assistant, Moore Lab

Whitefish harvest-based monitoring program

Jordan Ann Hollarsmith
PostDoc, Cote Lab

Incorporating cumulative effects and nonlinearities into decision-making.

Celeste Kieran
MSc student, Reynolds Lab

Long-term variability in salmon foraging dynamics

Nico Munoz
PhD Candidate, Reynolds Lab

South American invasive salmon

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Rylee Murray
PhD Candidate, Palen Lab

Amphibian thermal physiology

Brandon Nam
Moore Lab

Undergraduate research assistant

Debora Obrist
PhD student, Reynolds lab

Marine nutrient effects on birds

Mikayla More O'Ferrall
Research Assistant, Moore Lab

Incoming research assistant

Melissa Orobko
PhD student, Côté lab

Multiple stressors and ecosystem resilience

Manon Picard
PhD student, Côté lab

Effects of multiple stressors on kelp

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Kara Pitman
PhD candidate, Moore Lab

Climate change impacts on river systems

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Anna Potapova
MSc student, Moore Lab

Climate change effects on salmon migration phenology

Michael Price
PhD Candidate, Reynolds Lab

Salmon population dynamics

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Alex Sawyer
MSc student, Moore Lab

Estuary rearing ecology of coho salmon

Karl Seitz
MSc student, Moore Lab

Koeye river estuary fish communities

Samatha Sherman
PhD student, Dulvy Lab

Global fisheries management for sharks and rays

Wade VanderWal
Research Assistant, Dulvy Lab

Elasmobranch gill physiology

Marlene Wagner
PhD candidate, Reynolds lab

Salmon nutrient effects on birds

Rachel Walls
PhD student, Dulvy lab

European elasmobranch conservation

Ryan Walquist
MSc student, Reynolds lab

Salmon nutrient effects on insects

Luke Warkentin
MSc student, Moore lab

Temperature effects on salmon

Hannah Watkins
MSc student, Côté lab

Sustainable sea cucumber fisheries

Kyle Wilson
Postdoc, Moore lab

Social and ecological processes on fishery resilience

Sam Wilson
PhD candidate, Moore lab

Climate change effects on salmon

Serena Wong
MSC student, Dulvy lab

Physiology and life histories of fishes


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